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I use non-toxic cleaning product because I care.

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 Here's Why I Care About Using Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

  • Chemicals can be harsh and no matter how “safe” they are supposed to be, no one really knows what kind of impact they have on us and our children. I only use non-toxic products because they’re eco-friendly and safe for children and pets.
  • Did you know that vapors released from many “normal” everyday cleaning products are not considered safe during pregnancy? Not to mention the unknown effects on newborns and young children who play on the floor and have their fingers in their mouths.
  • Once you start getting used to how pleasant and different non-toxic cleaning products smell, you will never want to go back. Trust me on that. 

Cleaning Services for Your Home Or Office Space


Dust, clean counters, outside of cabinets if needed, wipe down appliances, vacuum and mopping


Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, with beds made upon request


Dust, clean vanities, bathtub or shower, toilet, clean wall tile as needed, mirrors, vacuum and mop

Other cleaning

Wall washing, refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning (if easily accessible), and Air B&B Rental Cleaning

If You Want Your Space Naturally Cleaned With Care And Detail, Get In Touch With Sasha

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